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Zagora is one of the most famous and historic villages on the north of Pelion in Magnesia. The village's name probably derives from the Slavic origin 'place behind the mountain. There is about 3.800 inhabitants, the majority of which lives on the agriculture of apples and olives. The apples are know as apples "Zagora", a brand famous for its excellent taste and quality. The visitor can reach Zagora, from Volos through Chania, adistance of about 47km.

A number of great personalities originate from Zagora: Alexandros Pantos, George Koletsos, Konstantinos Logiotis, Nicholas Cassavetes, Nicholas Kapetanakis, Jerome Cassavetes, Rigas Feraios also went to school here, according to reports by Christopher Peraivos.

In Zagora you can walk along the scenic paths and enjoy the view of the Aegean, since the village is built on the northeast side of Pelion at an altitude of 600 meters.
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